It’s Benefits

  • Cleans Scalp
  • Nourishes & Hydrates
  • Reduces Frizz
  • Strengthens Hair Follicles

Key Ingredients


This sulfur-rich nutraceutical nourishes and strengthens hair follicles when applied to your tresses from root to tip. It prevents premature graying and makes your hair stronger with every wash. The best kept antibacterial secret for hair care finds its way to you.

Coconut Milk

This luxurious, nutrient-dense milk is a tropical paradise for those who appreciate the journey of soothing hair care. Its healthy fatty acids, proteins and creamy texture restore moisture to dry hair and scalp, preventing dandruff.


Acclaimed for its amazing hair growth aiding properties, Bhringraj has the extraordinary ability to increase hair follicles. When massaged onto your scalp, this antimicrobial essential oil has a calming effect on your mind, promotes blood circulation in your body, and elevates your experience.

Almond Oil

A luscious, omega-9 and protein-loaded oil, empowers your hair with deep conditioning. It uplifts every strand of your hair and bestows voluminous texture, lustre and ultra-softness. An anti-inflammatory solution for your scalp, it helps your locks stay moisturized.

Directions for Use:

Step 1:

Take a small amount of our Botanical Luxe Shampoo and massage from root to tip for a few minutes.

Step 2:

Rinse well until the water runs clear.

Country of Origin:  India

Manufacturer:  HCR Formulations PVT. LTD.

Manufacturer Address:  HCR Formulations Pvt. Ltd. Sanand, Ahmedabad, India


2 reviews for Botanical Luxé Coconut Shampoo

  1. Jhanvi

    Fresh and Bouncy

    This sulfate free shampoo with all botanical ingredients leaves an amazing result in my hair even on only one wash. The volume it provides to the hair is just wow. Good refreshing aroma of coconut.

  2. Saurabh

    Very amazing products!

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